Regional Planning

Regional Planning is the cornerstone of every successful modern settlement. It remains the only effective tool for ensuring long-term sustainable physical, social and economic growth. It reinforces the responsibility of current generations as stewards of the urban environment.

The need to maintain pace with rapid population growth dominates the agenda of regulating authorities. Today, more than ever, planning decisions and investment are reactive. Happold Consulting engage with regional and national authorities to establish stable long-term planning positions allowing our client to take a more advantageous proactive position when regulating growth.

Regional Planning focuses on capturing the competitive advantages of wider geographical areas. Unlike city masterplanning, its focus is on the importance of regional networks and establishing broader mutual development objectives. It capitalises on synergies and opportunities across multiple-authorities helping to coordinate and access resources that may otherwise not be available.

Regional Planning has been a distinguishing service of Happold Consulting’s since 2006. Our success is due to our ability to quantitatively define challenges and needs of regional areas. We utilise GIS based modelling to identify trends between spatial character and less tangible components such as economic profile, education, health, access to open space and infrastructure. We identify regional competitive advantages along with opportunities to align with national policies and budgets that can be utilised to unlock them.

Our regional planning strategies help our clients create a sustainable and structured growth platform. Most importantly they maintain the opportunity for future generations to govern themselves and flexible enough to incorporate new planning practice and technologies as they emerge.

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