Project Management

The efficiency with which a project is run during the implementation phase can often be the difference between a profit and a loss. Hitting deadlines, managing risk and maintaining the position of clients throughout is critical.

Project Management is an active process within any successful project. Whilst it relies on excellent leadership, communication, diplomacy and collaboration, at its core effective Project managers need to be trusted. At Happold Consulting our clients depend on us to act as a critical friend.

As with all Happold Consulting projects, the more we are exposed to the project, the more we can help. Exposure to projects during the design stages will enable the team to identify technical and commercial risks early, anticipate potential impact, and then advise on the best option to mitigate them.

Our highly experienced team all have strong technical and commercial backgrounds. They are regularly deployed within our client’s own organisation to ensure that systems, procedures and outputs are aligned to existing infrastructure and governance. From this position we are able to assist clients by structuring project briefs around SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Timely) objectives that are applicable not only to an individual project, but to wider corporate goals as well.

Central to every project we deliver, are robust and effective project development and delivery plans. They are characterised by strong assessments of objectives and constraints; tactical plans; transparency of controls and procedures; strict control of scope, programme, cost and quality; and critically outputs which are reported in language which is relevant to the audience.

We specialise in the following: 

  • Establishment and articulation of project briefs and objectives
  • Deriving overall plans for the development and delivery of the project
  • Procurement of consultant teams and other specialist advisors ( legal, financial, etc)
  • Coordination and control of consultant team activities
  • Coordination and management of design processes against project programme and budgets
  • Coordination and control of consents, notices, permits and licensing requirements for the construction and operational use of the project
  • Management of project budgets
  • Procurement of contractors and suppliers for delivery and long term operation and maintenance
  • Act as employer’s agent
  • Provision of executive and project level progress reporting and advice
  • Develop communication plans including stakeholder engagement 

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